Veteran Salisbury, Massachusetts Police Officer Promoted to Detective

The Salisbury Police Department in Salisbury, Massachusetts has been undergoing a tremendous amount of change over the last several months. The latest among these changes has been the promotion of Officer Keith Forget to detective, a move for which Forget has been ready for a long time.

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Forget has been a patrolman for the city of Salisbury on a fulltime basis since 2008. His promotion came in part because of his strong record of solid police work and also to replace one of the department’s veteran detectives who was recently promoted to the position of patrol sergeant.

Forget will cut his teeth under the instruction of Lieutenant Anthony King who has headed up the Salisbury Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division since 2010.

Forget will serve as the department’s only detective and has spent the last two years training for his new role in several unofficial capacities.

According to Thomas Fowler, Chief of Police for the City of Salisbury, Forget has done “an outstanding job” in carrying out not only his regular police work as a patrolman but also in preparing himself for the role of detective which has been his ultimate goal since he began his career as a police officer. His investigative skills have been described as “formidable” and Fowler says those skills will serve Forget well as he undergoes specialized training for his new detective duties.

Forget has been working for the Salisbury Police for the last 11 years. He began his career as a special police officer and within four years was promoted to reserve officer before becoming a fulltime patrolman in 2008. He worked as an evidence officer with the Criminal Investigations Division, which is where he began developing the skills he would eventually need as a detective.

He will be officially sworn in as the department’s detective in a public ceremony later this month.