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What We Offer

Every major law enforcement agency in the nation – from state police, to county sheriff’s offices and municipal police departments – includes a criminal investigations division (CID) responsible for bringing dangerous criminals to justice. Specializing in everything from burglaries and assaults, to homicide and missing persons, the detectives that serve in these CIDs are responsible for collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, interrogating suspects and preparing cases for prosecution, all with the goal of resolving felony cases within their jurisdictions.

Even when compared to other law enforcement careers, detective work requires the unique ability to perform an array of complicated tasks while staying focused in the face of psychological pressures that come from dealing with victims, violent perpetrators and grizzly crime scenes.

The great respect we have for the harrowing work performed by detectives throughout the United States has been the inspiration for developing DetectiveEDU.org. This free resource compiles information from hundreds of law enforcement agencies, including Bureaus of Investigations operating at the state level, sheriff’s offices and local police departments.

DetectiveEDU.org provides details on the structure of the CIDs within these agencies, and the exact steps necessary to become a detective so as to serve the communities within the jurisdiction of these agencies. We encourage all visitors to use this free resource to prepare for a career in criminal investigations.