Detective Says Talking Bird Helped Crack Abduction Case

Police in Philadelphia were recently working the case of a five year old that went missing from an area school when they received a clue in a manner straight out of a Hollywood movie. According to Philadelphia detective Daniel O’Malley the abducted girl, who had gone missing for over 19 hours, was able to identify a talking bird that she overheard as she sat blindfolded in the home.

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Detective Daniel O’Malley testified in court that the child, who had been sexually assaulted, informed police that a home in which she had been held had a talking bird which made a lot of noise.

As detective O’Malley searched for the girl’s kidnapper, he focused on finding a home that contained such a bird. Acting on a tip, detective O’Malley arrived at the home of 21-year-old Christina Regusters, in which he found a large macaw that had apparently been taught foul language. According to the detective, the bird cursed at investigators as they worked the potential crime scene.

According to police the suspect worked at the girl’s after school program. The investigation included numerous critical steps including identifying the home in which the girl had been held, which required detective O’Malley to drive with the girl and her mother through neighborhood streets looking for a home which fit the description.

Once the girl recognized an area where she says she had been put into a laundry bag and hauled over a wall, detectives knew that they were close.

After the anonymous tip, the police felt they had enough information to identify the home in which the girl had been held, and potentially find her kidnapper.

Apparently the kidnapper told the little girl that if she tried to escape the bird would peck her eyes out. When asked at trial what the bird said as investigators reviewed the crime scene, the detective replied “Nothing that I wanted to hear.”