Detective Testifies in Campustown Shooting; Suspect Held Over for Trial

A preliminary hearing held on October 11, in Champaign County, Illinois, found that there was sufficient evidence to hold Robbie Patton, 18 for trial. Patton is accused of fatally shooting George Korchev, 22, of Mundelein and shooting and wounding three of Korchev’s friends in September in Campustown.

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Patton was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated battery with a firearm during his September 30 arraignment. During the October 11 hearing, Detective David Allen walked through the details of Patton’s crime.

According to Detective Allen, a fight broke out in a Campustown parking lot which led to the victim, Korchev, being attacked by a group of at least five people. This account was backed up by a cell phone video obtained by the police department. Patton arrived on the scene after the victim lie beaten on the ground and surveillance footage showed him running from the scene after shots were fired. In the footage Patton had pulled up his hood over his head and an object was scene in his waistband.

One witness identified Patton as the shooter and another witness gave a description of the shooter that matched Patton. Detective Allen also said that a third witness identified Patton from still images from the surveillance footage.

Patton’s attorney cross-examined Allen during the hearing and asked how many other fights had occurred on the same night and if any shell casings or weapons had been found. Detective Allen admitted no weapon or shell casings had been found and that possibly three or four fights had ensued the same evening the murder took place.

Detective Allen stood by his testimony stating that witnesses confirmed Patton’s identity both through video and through personal knowledge of the suspect.

Judge Roger Webber agreed that there was enough evidence to hold Patton over for a pretrial hearing which was set for December 13, 2016.