New True Crime Series “Killing Fields” Revisits Cold-Case with Two Detectives

Airing on the Discovery Channel is a new true crime series, “Killing Fields,” a short series following two detectives as they reopen a cold homicide case nearly 2 decades old.

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In 1997, Eugenie Boisfontaine’s body was found in a ditch in Louisiana with fractures to her skull. By itself, this murder is not necessarily worthy of a true crime TV series.

What makes it interesting is that Eugenie was one of 60 missing women in a 7-year period, and two other women from the street she lived on went missing in that time frame. There were multiple serial killers operating in the Baton Rouge area around that time, and the prevailing theory is that a vast majority of these missing persons cases are related.

The two detectives are Rodie Sanchez and Aubrey St. Angelo. Sanchez was the detective that worked on Eugenie Boisfontaine’s case to begin with. In the first episode of “Killing Fields,” Sanchez laments never having found the man who killed Eugenie, saying it keeps him up at night. He is joined by newbie detective Aubrey St. Angelo, the daughter of a detective Sanchez worked with on this same case.

The series will follow these two detectives, as well as the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives as they reopen this case. The series takes a different approach to the genre than other true crime series in that it’s being filmed in real time. The series began filming in August 2015 and is being aired over the course of 6 weeks in January and February 2016. This causes the series to take on an atmosphere of wonder and discovery as the main characters of the show discover evidence along with the viewer.