Syracuse Detectives are Working Hard to Close Unsolved Homicide Cases

As of August 31, 2015, more than half of the homicides that occurred in Syracuse this year are still unsolved. Eighteen people were murdered so far in 2015, and suspects have been charged in seven of the cases. Eleven of the homicides remain unsolved.

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Syracuse PD Lieutenant Eric Carr says that residents of Syracuse shouldn’t be worried about the number of open cases. He pointed out that seven of the homicides occurred this summer, and that detectives continuously investigate them and make arrests throughout the year.

While the police are not discussing individual homicides, they have held news conferences about their anti-violence efforts. After an unsolved murder at a Fourth of July celebration at a local park was linked to gang activity, the Syracuse police have been cracking down on gangs in the area.

Increased patrols in gang territory led to the arrest of 21 gang members within a month. The police have not released the names of the gang members who were arrested on 64 separate charges.

City employees from several agencies are working on cleaning up environments that shelter criminals in blighted areas. The workers boarded up houses and trimmed bushes on streets where criminals seek shelter and stash drugs in abandoned homes. Mayor Stephanie Minor hopes that by blocking access to the homes and making them more visible, it will be more difficult for criminals to find places to operate.