Detectives Making Progress in Solving a Brutal Triple Murder in Idaho

The Sheriff of Ada County, Idaho described a recent triple murder in the Boise foothills as “heinous” to reporters. Sheriff Gary Raney described this crime scene as the most horrific he had seen in his career.

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A family member discovered the bodies of Ted and Delores Welp and their son Thomas on March 10, 2015. Sadly, the victims had just recently moved back to Idaho from Tucson when they met their untimely demise.

While there is no apparent motive for the murder, detectives quickly arrested Adam Dees for using one of the victim’s credit cards at a number of businesses in Boise. Authorities also charged him for possessing a concealed weapon.

Detectives have been working round the clock to solve the murder of the Welps. So far, Dees has not been charged with the murder, but police are asking the public for information about a 2003 black Subaru of the type that Dees drove. They are also seeking information about a wedding ring that Dees sold, although authorities would not say whether it was connected to the triple murder.

Sheriff Raney released a statement to the press offering assurance that his detectives have found a lot of answers, but that he doesn’t want to jeopardize the case by releasing too much information at this time. While stating that Dees is a suspect in the homicides, Raney pointed out that the man is not currently charged with the murders.

He did imply that Dees was responsible by stating that he doesn’t believe the community is currently being threatened by these deaths. The fact that bail was set at $2 million strongly suggests that Dees is the primary suspect for these brutal murders.