18 Year Boston Police Detective Receives Promotion

On Wednesday, Commissioner William B. Evans announced Detective Lieutenant Gregory Long’s appointment as the next superintendent of the Boston Bureau of Investigative Services.

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Long, who is an 18 year veteran of the Boston Police Department, was previously in charge of the Special Investigations Unit. He also spent several years as a Commander of the Homicide Unit, where he oversaw all homicide investigations.

Some of the most notable points in Long’s career include his handling of the July 2014 homicide of Amy Lord, a 24-year-old Wilbraham woman who was kidnapped and then killed, as well as a case from May 2010 concerning a youth who was shot at a basketball court close to his home at the Bromley-Heath housing project. Each of these cases resulted in an arrest.

Long’s new position makes him responsible for overseeing all the cold case investigations, the Fugitive Apprehension Unit and all officer-related shootings.

Commissioner Evans said that Long has a proven track record of professionalism, coupled with exceptional investigative skills, adding that he has absolutely no reservations about his decision to promote Long into the new position.

Long’s reputation isn’t just something that’s been recognized “in-house,” however. He has also received praise from Daniel F. Conley, the Suffolk County District Attorney, for his attention to detail, ethics, integrity and skillset. Conley also stated that Long’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards for investigations in every case is exactly what officials look for when seeking candidates for police leadership positions.

Long began his career as a plainclothes and patrol officer, quickly moving up through the ranks and holding a number of different leadership positions during his time of service. He is a graduate of the Boston Latin High School and attended the New England School of Law, where he earned a law degree.