Indianapolis Detective Opening Youth Center

There are kids in cities all over the country who are considered “at risk” and who need adults to offer a helping hand and show them how to do something positive in their lives. In Indianapolis, a homicide detective with the Indianapolis Metro Police has made it part of his life’s mission to do just that.

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The HIM by HER Foundation Skills Development Center is the brain child of Detective Harry Dunn and he is working hard to see that the center for troubled youth opens as soon as possible on Indianapolis’s east side. Dunn was inspired to take action and have the center built after one of his fellow police officers was killed recently near the site of the center.

The center itself is being developed in the building of a former school and Dunn has said that because of the recent shooting of his colleague, he is more motivated than he ever could have imagined he would be to make sure the center’s doors are open soon.

The area has become known as something of a dangerous area, particularly for police officers. This year so far there have been two police officers shot within the same zip code as the center. Two years ago another police officer was shot and killed in the area as well.

Dunn is hoping that the center will be a sort of beacon of light in a dark area of Indianapolis.

HIM by HER is actually an acronym for “Helping Improve Mankind by Healing Every Race” and Detective Dunn says the center will serve several purposes. One will be for troubled youth in the area to come and learn valuable life skills and simply have a place to go after school and on weekends in order to stay off the streets and out of trouble. Another function of the center will be to provide adults with job training and skill certification in order to help bring down Indianapolis’s unemployment numbers.