How to Become a Criminal Investigator with the South Burlington
Police Department

The South Burlington Bureau of Criminal Investigations is based out of the South Burlington Police Department and is comprised of several criminal investigators who work on cases pertaining to crimes against people, special victims, crimes against property, and special operations such as narcotics and community crime abatement. Criminal investigators in South Burlington are also required to work on cases like assaults, robberies, homicides, suicides, fires and gang related violence.

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According to a recent report, the crime rate in South Burlington, Vermont, is roughly 4,089 per 100,000 residents. The report also revealed the following numbers on major crimes during 2012:

  • 1 Murder
  • 14 Assaults
  • 2 Rapes
  • 679 Thefts
  • 5 Robberies

There are a total of 47 police officers in South Burlington, of which five are criminal investigators who work on solving cases related to heinous crimes. A detective sergeant is also based in South Burlington. Candidates interested in becoming criminal investigators with the Bureau must be prepared for a career-long commitment to the South Burlington Police Department in order to land one of these coveted positions.

Steps to Becoming a Detective with the South Burlington Police Department

To become a criminal investigator in South Burlington, candidates must first become a member of the South Burlington Police Department. Police Officers then undergo on-the-job training, which grooms them for a career in criminal investigations.

Meeting the Requirements – The basic education eligibility criterion to become a police officer in South Burlington is a GED or a high school diploma, although most criminal investigators maintain higher academic standards. It is common for detectives to hold a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science or Forensic Psychology. Some positions also require a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice or Forensic Science.

When joining the PD, a qualifying candidate:

  • Must be a citizen of the United States;
  • Must be at least 21 years of age;
  • Should be resident of Vermont and have a valid driver’s license;
  • Must be physically fit;
  • Should not have been booked, arrested, or convicted of felony or misdemeanor.

Preference is also given to candidates who served in the army for two years, or who have had other previous experience in law enforcement.

Training for Criminal Investigators –Once candidates have been selected, Vermont’s Criminal Justice Training Council offers a series of rigorous training programs across various departments. The training is mandatory for criminal investigators, and generally includes:

  • Basics of Crime Scene Investigation
  • Homicide Investigation
  • Drug Recognition
  • Fingerprint Certification
  • Death Investigation

Working for the South Burlington Bureau of Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigators in South Burlington report to the South Burlington Police Department’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations and work closely with local, state and federal authorities including the Vermont State Bureau of Investigation.

South Burlington’s detectives also work closely with the Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to solve cases involving child pornography. In addition, investigators work on cases relating to drug violations and drug abuse. These cases are generally related to the possession of illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and pharmaceutical drugs that are legal but acquired illegally.

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