Salaries for Detectives, Homicide Detectives, Criminologists and Criminal Investigators in Utah

According to the Utah Department of Workforce Services, the statewide median homicide detective, criminologist and criminal investigator salary in Utah is $61,290. Those who are considered to be inexperienced, or at least at the entry level, have been noted to average about 29% less at $43,560. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports detectives and criminologists in the top ten percent averaging $119,320, which exceeds the average starting salary by nearly 64%. So, it’s apparent that there is a lot of financial potential given the level of experience.

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Here is a look at the data by city which has been reported by the Utah Department of Workforce Services:

Ogden, Clearfield

  • Starting: $48,260
  • Median: $59,610


  • Starting: $38,250
  • Median: $46,140

Salt Lake City

  • Starting: $51,000
  • Median: $86,030

Salary findings recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding detectives and criminologists across Utah are shown in the table below:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Ogden-Clearfield UT
Provo-Orem UT
Salt Lake City UT

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