Salaries for Detectives, Homicide Detectives, Criminologists and Criminal Investigators in South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation reports an average statewide homicide detective, criminologist and criminal investigator salary in South Dakota of $67,816, which is about 17.5% higher than the median of $55,907. There is a significant amount of financial potential to be had for detectives and criminal investigators. In fact, those in the top 25% have been found to have average $90,782 and still more among those in the top ten percent at $121,899.


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There are several factors which can potentially impact salary, and location is often one of the most important. Here is a look at how much detectives and criminal investigators in South Dakota are earning by city:

Sioux Falls

  • Entry-Level: $43,676 to $50,095
  • Average: $85,255
  • Median: $91,380
  • Experienced: $114,934 to $128,866

Rapid City

  • Entry-Level: $44,098 to $49,859
  • Average: $74,619
  • Median: $60,085
  • Experienced: $108,350 to $125,379

Additional salary information for detectives and criminal investigators in South Dakota, as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, is shown in the following table:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Rapid City SD
Sioux Falls SD
Western South Dakota nonmetropolitan area

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