How to Become a Criminal Investigator With the Greensboro
Police Department

The Greensboro Police Department is comprised of men and women who dedicate themselves to making their community safer. This is particularly true of the detectives who work as part of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID), who solve crimes and gather evidence to put criminals behind bars according to the laws of the nation and North Carolina.

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To become a criminal investigator as part of the CID, officers will need to gain experience and prove their capabilities to their superiors. This starts by qualifying for employment as an entry-level cadet, meeting specified criminal investigator requirements, and achieving a promotion to detective. In 2012 the CID was involved with investigating many of the following crimes in Greensboro:

  • 21 cases of murder and manslaughter
  • 70 cases of forcible rape
  • 129 incidents of arson
  • 556 cases of robbery

Steps to Become a Detective with the Greensboro Police Department

Initial Qualifications – Candidates who are considering criminal investigator jobs as a long-term career option should consider obtaining college-level education in a relevant field. This can do much more than simply boost an applicant’s initial qualifications. Though not one of the specific detective requirements, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the following fields will provide a notable foundation in the field of criminal investigations and can open up additional career opportunities:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement
  • Forensic Science
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Police Science

Advancing to Detective – Employees who rank as Police Officer II are eligible to become detectives and work as part of the Greensboro CID. Promotion to this level is possible after three years of honorable service with the Greensboro PD as an entry-level police officer. Lateral in-state candidates with prior law enforcement experience only need to serve with the Greensboro PD for two years prior to becoming eligible for detective promotion.

The qualifications for an entry-level police officer with the Greensboro PD are:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • At least a 10th-grade level of reading
  • No serious criminal convictions
  • US citizen at least 21 years of age
  • North Carolina driver’s license

Application and Training – The trajectory towards detective jobs with the Greensboro PD starts by first working as a patrol officer, officially known as Police Officer I, for three years. Application information for this entry-level position is posted on the Greensboro PD’s recruitment webpage.

Initial police training is comprised of 27 weeks in the police academy, followed by 14 weeks of field training for officers with no prior experience. Over the course of two to three years as a patrol officer, prospective detectives will gain valuable on-the-job skills in addition to attending annual training courses.

Before acceptance into the Greensboro CID, prospective criminal investigators will be evaluated to determine if they meet the detective training requirements for promotion to a position in the CID. Any gaps can me made up with additional training courses or job shadowing.

Patrol officers should speak with their superiors early on about the possibility of a career in the CID.

Greensboro Police Department Criminal Investigations Division Operations

The Greensboro PD’s CID specializes in a wide range of serious crimes. Detectives may work in areas within the Division’s investigative squads, including:

  • Violent Criminal Apprehension
  • Gang Criminal Intelligence
  • Crimes Against Persons
  • Commercial Property
  • Residential Property
  • Night Investigations
  • Crime Prevention
  • Family Victims
  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Fraud

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