Salaries for Detectives, Homicide Detectives, Criminologists and Criminal Investigators in Nebraska

According to NEworks, which is an online database sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Labor, the median detective salary in Nebraska is $65,011. Starting salary is about 32% lower at $44,001, though the experienced salary level averages almost 29% more at $91,220.


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Based on the Nebraska Department of Labor’s research of detectives’ salaries in Nebraska, it appears that Lincoln is generally the highest paying area in the state:


  • Starting: $45,382 ($21.82/hour)
  • Median: $66,447 ($31.95/hour)
  • Experienced: $84,512 ($40.63/hour)


  • Starting: $40,711 ($19.57/hour)
  • Median: $65,484 ($31.49/hour)
  • Experienced: $90,311 ($43.42/hour)

Although Lincoln appears to offer higher salaries at the beginning and median levels, it seems that detectives and criminal investigators with more experience will find more financial potential in the Omaha area.

The following table, which is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, presents comparative salary data for detectives throughout Nebraska.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Lincoln NE
Omaha-Council Bluffs NE-IA
Western Nebraska nonmetropolitan area

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